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Thursday, October 11, 2007

John Nevarez

Take a break from animating and check out John Nevarez' blog. There are lots of really talented artists out there with fantastic blogs, which can be really inspirational in terms of posing, design, composition (like Gabriele Pennacchioli's one-drawing story), but I always visit John Nevarez' blog, because not only do you get to see what he's up to, you also get posts with TONS (and I mean TONS) of links to other insanely talented artists.

The variety of artwork is great, you get really inspired to create unique characters and to place them in powerful backgrounds. Sometimes there's just a very strong hand/finger pose, or the interaction between multiple characters or the composition using a small and a big character, a certain facial expression, etc. etc. but there is always something cool.

It will take you a long time to go through all the posts and links, but whenever you have time, start your journey into holy-moly land.


Joey said...


Jean-Denis Haas said...

Yeah, isn't it?

Unfortunately my class had to experience my long ramblings going through those images, but it's just hard to contain excitement when seeing those.