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Thursday, November 8, 2007

Animators don't know how to be funny.

Uh oh, no he didn't. :)
Get the full Seinfeld scoop here and on James' site.

"Instead of being funny, which is what my whole career has been, I'm now describing funny to someone who, in most cases, is not a funny person. It's like describing a bris (a Jewish circumcision ceremony)."

At least one of those animators was not amused.

"I wonder if I’m in the 'most cases' category," wrote DreamWorks animator James R. Hull, who worked on Bee Movie. "I mean, I’m not a hilarious person, but I think I do know what funny is . . . and isn’t."

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jeff said...


a funny but vitriolic critique by animator michael sporn

Jean-Denis Haas said...


Brett said...

great job Seinfeld. Yeesh.

And, that really looks like Michaels Porn Animation ... what a last name. Sporn.

Brett said...

After reading the Sporn review ... still can't get over that name ... I liked the movie a little better than he did. I laughed at some of the jokes. But still, it's typical of a Dreamworks film, popular cultuer jokes that half the population hates now and five years from now, no one will remember. On top of that, every joke is almost in your face and a nod to all their self promoting friends. Like the Bee Larry King segment. Also, Dreamwork's continual attempts to take a swipe at Disney get old. It's like it worked once in Shrek, and it hasn't since. It's also like Dreamworks tries so hard not to be Pixar or Disney, it's almost as if when they sit down to do one of these movies, the first thing the execs do, is ok, how do we not be like Disney or Pixar ... ok, forget the story. .... And with that I've just tanked any type of job I might eve get at Dreamworks.

Jean-Denis Haas said...

Brett, nice knowing you.