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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Autoplay on DVD Reels

Hopefully you've gone through the "Demo Reel Dos and Don'ts" post, but I wanted to clarify the "autoplay" issue. In her lecture Pamela Thompson mentions that DVD reels should be set to autoplay, meaning that the DVD will start playing automatically after it has been loaded.

I asked around and it seems that the majority of recruiters and people who look at reels actually prefer the DVD to NOT autoplay and instead load into a menu. It can be irritating for them when the reel starts and they are not ready. Or they have to fiddle around with the TV input setting and they miss the start of the reel.

So just have a menu where the "Start Reel" (or whatever button) is CLEARLY visible (and already selected so that they just have to push enter or play). - pic source

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