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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Critique - Samurai

Alright, here we go, let's look at it in passes (chest, arms, etc.)

First off, start the walk earlier so that when you cut into shot he's already moving. Right now it looks like "And...ACTION!".

During the standing around moments, make sure to have some keep alive in his body with gentle swaying left right (super subtle, you don't what it to look swimmy and floaty). The body move from x196 to x202 is a bit fast. I would slow it down and mix it in with his upper body movement until x217.

The upper body could rotate back after x65 to x80. There's a very isolated and fast turn on x92 to x94. His head and arms move with it at the same time, make that more organic. What part of the body do you want to lead the rest of the body? The arms will be a bit delayed after the upper body turn. The arm swing around x100+ would influence his upper body, having the arm swing so isolated looks weird. Same goes for the arm movement around x180. Always think about what part of the body gets affected by moving another one. Again during the sword grab around x230 til x270. It gets better at the end.

Bend his arms a tiny bit on x59. When both arms are swinging it feels very stiff. Screen left arm goes up in a very mechanical way and then sticks there at around x79, same with the other arm x84. Delay his arms during the body turn around x90. His arms would just re-adjust or stay in his defiant pose, they wouldn't really swing. The "regret anything" screen right arm swing is way too big and feels a bit over acted. Keep it small. I'm always in favor of eliminating gestures and have it all in the face. But give it a shot with a much smaller arm swing, let's see how much you can get away with. The arm gesture around x175 is very big, very fast and very isolated. Pretty much all the movement is in the forearm. Think about the upper arm, shoulders and chest. Now, the gesture itself is very non threatening, mainly because of the pose around x192. The way he points forward but then brings his arm/hand/fingers back is not very warrior like. He has to be intimidating at all times. The screen right arm move to his weapon towards x205 is also too fast. Fast movements don't work with his voice, he seems very threatening, sure of himself, calm, serious, etc. any fast movement takes away from that. So keep it slow and controlled. Again with the screen left sword handle move at x232. At least the upper arm moves as well, so it's not completely isolated to the forearm, but think of the shoulder and chest, they will have to move as well.
Your sword is moving without being touched at x237. Make it clear that something is influencing the weapon in its movement, keep it slow and threatening.
His head is very fast and stops like it hits a wall at x94. Tone down the movement as well.
Same goes with the whole taking sword (or should it be Katana?) out and fight stance part. You got giant movement from x284 to x288. Keep it elegant, slow, threatening. Find reference of people doing that.

Watch Samurai movies, really study the movements and focus on showing the intensity and threat in his face.


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