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Thursday, November 1, 2007

Homework for Friday/Saturday

Hey guys,

so here a quick recap about the homework and new info for the class ditchers and Pixar attendees :)

For Friday and no later than Saturday, think about a topic or technique or anything else that you need to know about your shots, animation, work flow, etc.

I got a question before about moving holds, or how do you keep them once you go from stepped to linear/spline, how do you keep something alive during holds, how many keys do I set during blocking, etc.

So instead of doing a demo about one little thing, I wanted to hear from all of you guys first so that I get an overview of what you are missing. That way I can prepare little movies and demos for next class.

Depending on the amount of questions, critique might get a bit shorter in class, but bring all your work and drop it into the usual folder. I'll take it home and will continue the critique that night so that everybody gets feedback Thursday night/Friday morning.


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