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Thursday, November 8, 2007

New Animation Mentor Newsletter

The new AM newsletter got the usual goods (and I hope your subscribed to it), here are a few:

Shawn's Tip & Tricks (Recharging your Animation Batteries)

Animation short by Isaac Hingley

Great Character Design


shiva said...

the tips and tricks is not yet updated. it has the last month's tribute to shawn kelly.

Jean-Denis Haas said...

Link works for me. You might have to refresh your browser or clear your cache.

Brett said...

That tips and tricks article is great. The thing that sucks is that I've been "learning" animation for the past 10 years now, the first 6 years were all self taught before I started at the academy. That was reading books and basically learning stuff on my own. Nothing on character animation. It was like I had a whole new track to learn when I started here. So, at a stupid ass time, I think in some ways my batteries are wanting to run low when I need them to be going right now. But it was still a great article.

The animation however, it felt floaty and slow to me. And the girl just seems to stand still at friat. Is this final? On top of that, I felt ripped off, (no, I don't think the animator directly ripped me off), but I had a similar idea for Mohammed's class last year. Which, had I not taken, I might have some more work under my belt at the moment.

Richie said...

theres also the 11sec club ecrit up now:

Jean-Denis Haas said...

Some of it is a bit floaty, yes, but it's a fully finished short. More than what most people have to offer.