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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Animation Magazine 20 Year Collection - repost

[UPDATE - I just got the book and out of 320 or so pages you get about 50 pages of actual text, the rest is a collection of all the covers and animation movie statistics. A bit disappointing, so be warned, there's not that much to read.]

Jim Hill writes about the new 320 page book "Animation Magazine - 20 Year Collection", which includes essays by animation legends. A great quote that Jim Hill posts is this one by Peter Lord:

"CG is the darnest thing. What most people feel is that there are too many films being made that look alike. All these releases are too close to each other. It would be the equivalent of what would happen in the live-action world if everyone just made romantic comedies. Now everyone is making these kid-friendly films, while aspiring to catch older audiences as well. Sometimes (these movies) all feel alarmingly alike. How do we break out of this cycle? We can't keep rehashing the same formulas over and over again, because we'll kill the whole thing ... We should alll be careful not to kill the goose that gives us the golden eggs."

Love it!

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