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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Critique - Manager

Quick detail first. When the table moves at around x194, the hand/fingers on the table don't go with it. You'll have to really lock that down.
After not having seen the clip for a while what struck me first was his upper body movement back at around x190. It feels too quick. I would lessen the rotation back so that it slows down.
I'm pretty tired so my critique will be all over the place (sorry). Screen right fingers snap open very quickly at x129 to 130. The way the fingers curl around the pen towards x159 feels a bit robotic. I don't know if it's the speed or the fact that they are curled while it gets to the pen. Maybe it's how the arm stops moving screen left and down at around x156, could be that sudden stop that makes it feel weird.
The screen left arm movement from x143 to x152 feels too fast, give it 5 more frames, maybe a bit more.
There's still that very isolated shoulder movement from x177 to x188 (screen left one). How that arm/hand goes up to the table needs to be a bit slower. What's odd is how the arm/shoulder goes up, then later his upper moves back. You could end the arm move later and start the body one earlier, so that both slow down and merge, making it a bit more organic.
That same shoulder goes down around x261, again feeling a bit squishy and isolated, which extends to around x278 where both shoulders go up. Looks like you want to avoid twinning but now their timing is almost too separate. The down movement of both shoulders is also too quick, give it a few more frames.
Lipsync seems pretty good, but what I would add now is a little bit of asymmetry. Check x234 for instance. It's very defaulty and that general shape is visible across the whole clip. You have changes in it of course, but now you need to add some fleshiness to it and play with how much each side of the mouth is pulling. Try favoring just one side (add a left side pull back or smile at 20% for instance).

I would start fixing the shoulders and arms and then take care of the other notes. After that let's take another look.


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