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Monday, February 4, 2008

The Art of Making Pixar's Ratatouille

© 2008 Ron Barbagallo

Pixarplanet points to a great article @ animationartconservation about the making of Ratatouille.

Speaking of which, a friend of mine showed me the Blu-ray features of Ratatouille on his HD projector and holy moly does it look fantastic (both the picture and the features).

The animation is just so insanely well done, holy moly indeed. You should rip the DVD, convert the movie to quicktime and then go through the whole movie frame by frame. :)


Anonymous said...

F&%K yeah!!

I've already framed through the dvd (you can do it through windows media player if you go to 'View > Enhancements > Play Speed Settings'. 2 little arrows indicating 'Next Frame' and 'Previous Frame' appear, though previous frame doesnt work on my particular laptop) and its immensely educational! Not just from an animation point of view but the whole shabang. Composition, staging, lighting and thousands of little details you wouldnt notice otherwise.

Its really inspiring to see all that effort and dedication.

Joey Kim said...

YES, I've been watching it frame by frame. I've found out some amazing details that can't be seen and noticable in regualr speed. It's really worth to watching frame by frame.