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Saturday, February 2, 2008

Critique - Balls

The red ball's bounce feels nice, the only problem is that it keeps bouncing and bouncing without losing momentum. The timing you have is good, but after every bounce the ball would lose a bit of height.

So in your case it might roll into the block or maybe a few little bounces are left, but either way it will affect the end of your clip. But again, I like your timing so just work on gradually lowering the ball.

The green balls seems ok, although there are little areas that needed fixing. For instance I would reduce the speed at which the ball falls at the very beginning. Not by much. Right now the ball feels like a mix between a balloon and a ball. I suggest you push it so that it's completely like a balloon. Make sure that your timing doesn't suddenly change after a bounce. For instance as the ball falls it feels a bit heavier than a balloon until x90, but then it takes a lot of frames until the ball bounces up again. Compare your spacing from x89 to x90, and then x90 to x91. Your spacing after x90 is quite different and the ball is suddenly slower.
The blue ball could use a tiny bounce after the first bounce (study this reference animation):

It's okay for both smaller balls to get squished but you could also have the red ball being pushed/squished away.

I would move on to another clip and while you start on that keep working on the ball assignments, which is pretty much done.

Nice work!


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