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Friday, February 8, 2008

Critique - Bouncing Balls with obstacles

Cool, I like the complexity of the shot. The balls need some work though.

Let's look at the yellow one:

The initial jump up due to the heavy ball crash is a bit high, I'd reduce that by 50%. The ball also falls straight down but then bounces to the left. I would add a little piece of the black pole that fell right were the yellow ball hits the ground. The little piece should be angled so it makes sense for the ball to bounce to the left. Look at the image to see what I mean (hope it's clear).

The bounces are good, but again, it doesn't make sense that it would bounce back to the left at x50. So after the yellow ball hits the heavy one at x45, keep the bounces going to the right (it could roll off the black ground at the end). Also reduce the amount of distance it travels. The impact at x50 is a bit too far to the right, go around 70% of that distance.

Heavy one:

Break the black board during the first bounce. Make the first bounce faster (like the second one), it could also roll a TINY bit to the left or right, give it some tiny life after the bounce. The falling is also a bit even. Look at the position of the ball at each frame and make sure that the distance gets bigger and bigger.

Light one:

The first bounce up is very poppy. The spacing gets huge from x10 to x11. Reduce that spacing, which will have the ball not go up as high, which is okay.
Just like the yellow one, add a little broken piece so that it makes sense for the red ball to bounce to the right. The bouncing/floating feels good, but here as well I would keep the bounces going screen left after it hits the heavy ball. Don't switch direction at x171. Yes the black ground is tilted but it would only lessen the amount of travel to the right, it wouldn't change the direction that drastically.

Keep going!

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