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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

I love animating.

Do you guys ever get that feeling where you suddenly realize how much you love something?

I have that with multiple things. Obviously there are moments where I could just eat up my wife and kid because they are so awesome and cute.

Or when I watch a movie on my projector on a 120" screen. I'm telling you, you never get used to it. And there's always a point during pretty much every movie where you realize how big that screen really is and how cool it is to watch movies like that.

The list can go on but a minute ago I had that same "Holy crap do I love this stuff or what?!" moment while animating on Indy. I can't believe that's a job. I just love it.

Just had to share that, sorry... Move along, nothing to see here! - pic source


aziz k. said...

HAHA! last year I had the exact same feeling when in class, everyone got on their feet and started to walk in different ways (for a character walk cycle of course)!

Joey KIM said...

The Moment I love Animation! :-)
It is the moment when I see something that can be happened, done, achieved only in Animation and by Animation.
The first time!? ,in my childhood,I was totally touched by the animation which was rotoscoping animation im the music video,"Take on me". I think.


And I really like this song~~
It was long long long time ago....

Jean-Denis Haas said...

I remember that video, it's awesome! And I still like that song. :)