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Friday, February 8, 2008

Reel Review by Rhythm & Hues

Got this email today:

Rhythm & Hues will visit the Academy of Art University on February 21

Company Overview & Presentation

Thursday, February 21

10:00 am

491 Post, Morgan Auditorium

Select Portfolio Reviews

Thursday, February 21


3rd Floor, 180 New Montgomery

To be eligible for Portfolio Review, you must submit a demo reel according to the guidelines below. They are seeking Seniors in all Animation areas (modelers, animators, VFX, etc.)

Demo Reels must be:

No longer than 2 minutes in total length

Submitted on DVD with a case

Labeled with Student Name, Student #, Phone, Email

Submit demo reels to either:

Animation Admin Office, Room 301, 180 New Montgomery


2D Animation Lab, 2nd Floor, 540 Powell

Submission Deadline:

Friday, February 15 at 5pm

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