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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Animate on your DS

I was so looking for an animation software on your DS and Tim Sormin, on his blog, points out to a few very promising programs.

First, you got Animanatee, then Flickbook and finally, Inchworm.

Head over to Tim's blog for more details, his impressions and even test animation clips.

Inchworm has me very excited because it seems to be the most polished program (which comes at a $ price of course as opposed to free). Unfortunately it's still in beta mode but you can tell them to email you about the official release date. Head over to their tutorial site where you can watch videos demonstrating all the different features.


Joey said...
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Joey said...

It's interesting!
I would need bigger screen though!

jeffff lee said...

would be sweet if they had one for the ipod/iphone~

Jean-Denis Haas said...

Yeah, bigger is always better. .. wait..

I'm so with you Jeff. Too bad I don't have a mac. And no programming skills. But otherwise, just download the SDK and create your own. Who's with me?!?!