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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Animation Buffet

Sorry for the Norman Modification Tutorial delay. I thought I could just copy/paste what Nair wrote but it took a little bit longer. Again, sorry for the delay.

But now it's up and ready for you guys. Thanks again Nair for all the work! Head over to Animation Buffet, or directly to the "Norman" post.

Huh? Animation Buffet?

Well, this current version of Animation Buffet is a more stripped down one (the original idea would involve a lot more work and more manpower), but until then it will hopefully help you guys in terms of a centralized spot where you can find all the free rigs that are currently out.
I'm adding rigs on a daily basis from now on so this is not the full amount that's out there. If you find a rig online which is not on Animation Buffet, please let me know so I can add it. Same goes for Norman modifications. I'd like to have a library of wigs, clothes, props, etc. for people to use. So if you're willing to share, it will be highly appreciated.

Of course any comments and/or suggestions are always welcome.



shiva said...

hey JD,

but is Norman a free rig? or AAU property. just curious

Jean-Denis Haas said...

As far as I know, Norman is not free, it is AAU property. That's why there is no link to that rig, only Hogan.

Gustav Hendricks said...
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