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Saturday, March 1, 2008

Critique - GI Walk

The walk is funny, love the Norman tweak (never ceases to amaze me what people can do with that rig).

This might just be that annoying last frame in quicktime which gives cycles that extra pause (how do you get rid of that??!?), but double check your feet that they're not slowing down towards the end before they get off the ground. Something I would tone down is the floppiness of the toes before the plant. As the foot goes up and down, the toes go up, which gives it a lot of overlap. Maybe that's just my "realistic" brainwash I get from ILM :) but I think of military, then hard boots, then no toe overlap because of boots.
Something else sticks out. Look at x11, the leg is up, then shoots down for the plant till x14, but during that time the upper body is not going down at all. I would start going down because right now from x14 to 15 the body suddenly goes down for two frames. It makes it very poppy during normal playback. Don't soften the body too much, but make it a bit smoother as it starts going down, it will take out the snappiness of the gun moving down as well. I like the helmet animation :). Same goes for the up actually. As it reaches the apex, keep it going up ever so slightly to really milk that moment.
The mouth is interesting, but why is he opening it? Is it part of a marching song or some yell as he walks?


jefff leee said...

Thanks JD. I'll keep working on it.

As for his mouth, yeah I was going for a marching yell of some sort. Does it not read clear?

Jean-Denis Haas said...

I wasn't too sure at the beginning. He looks like a kid, so at first I thought it was some straining on his part or some sort of complaining thing.