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Saturday, March 1, 2008

Critique - Walk

Looks good! Huge improvement!

The upper body and head have a great attitude to it, nice!

What sticks out are his arms. Plus his screen right foot (front view) is sliding to the right as it moves back. The feet also need to get rotated out a bit (not so straight default looking), as well as his knees.
(sideview): as his left foot goes back the spacing changes (it needs to stay linear with even spacing). x3 to x4 has a bigger move than before. From x13 to x14 the spacing is too small, then there's a huge move to x15. So if you fix x14 it should fix the spacing before and after. But after that, fix the spacing from x16 on. From x15 to 16 it's pretty small, but then to 17 it's a big movement forward. Bring the foot back on frame 17 and make the step forward more gradual in terms of spacing.
Now the right foot (still sideview): same here when the foot gets off the ground. On x2 the foot could be further back. After that it's okay until x11. It gets to x11 but x12 and 13 has the foot in pretty much the same spot. Keep the forward movement going and then have the foot plant. Finish the arc the foot is on as it moves forward taking the step.

Keep going!

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