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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

How movies are meant to be seen.

I know this is not exactly animation related, but let me tell you. Once you've seen "Ratatouille" on this, you can't go back. "This" being the:

Holy smokes, I watched "2001" on Blu-ray yesterday on this projector as well and it look A-mazing. So far giant standouts have been "Ratatouille", "3:10 to Yuma" and "2001". Plus the projector is bright enough so you don't have to have a pitch black room. In full sunlight your blacks will vanish, granted, but darken the room a little bit and it's no problem. Of course the darker the better. But holy moly "2001" looked good. That movie is 40 years old. And it still holds up (unlike "Batman" - the Keaton version...).

The special features are fantastic. Useless for some but great for me, there's even a German tack on it. :)

Do yourself a favor, don't buy a big TV for 2 or 3K, get his projector for $699 plus a PS3 and you're in movie heaven. And with the money you saved, go get Blu-ray movies. I know, total sales pitch, but animation nerds, hear me out! You HAVE to watch movies, it's part of your homework. You need to study the craft and what better way than on a big screen? :)

Images from DVDbeaver


Erik said...

having a projector and PS3 together, sounds awesome!! maybe I should drop one crap class next semester to buy them both, ha! :-P

Anonymous said...


Pkanimator said...

I totally agree. I've bought one a few months ago. It's been a blast since then. With a decent home theater sound system and a ps3/blue-ray player your room becomes a movie theater. Also for normal dvds is really great. My friends with plasma/lcd TVs are jealous ;)
But you better be careful: it s hard to focus on film analysis with this setup. You just get sucked into the story right away...hahah :D :D :D

Jean-Denis Haas said...

The only downside right is not being able to rip bluray DVDs so I can post clips on this site. For now I need to re-rent it on standard DVD.

Jean-Denis Haas said...

... right now ...

Jean-Denis Haas said...

it must be so frustrating to filmmakers when they spend so much time and money on the visuals and sounds but then the movie gets watched on small screens or as bootleg version on a computer.