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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

New Wall-E Trailer kicks ass

Head over to Apple for the trailer in glorious HD
I know they call me Pixar fanboy at work but COME ON! Look at this trailer and tell me that it won't kick ass. How can you not be a fan of what they're doing when comparing their movies to what else is out there.

Could this be the first live-action appearance in a Pixar movie?

Notice how the glow fades away on her as she opens up.

This reminds me of Attack of the Clones.

That's the only weird thing. Live-action humans and those guys. Weird mix.

Looks like the little guy is leading a robo-revolution.


Joey said...

Humen are too big to walk! I really expect how animators in Pixar animated those big people.

Joey said...

I really like this part, When Wall-E holds her hand and right after Wall-E's hands is stuck on between her hand and body. If you see that part frame by frame, you will see how sweet the shot is! :-)
Love it!