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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Critique - Box lift


looking much better! You're general timing is pretty good. A few notes as you go into blocking +.

Opening the door starts off well, but then after x37 it gets too fast. If you're going for a heavy door, that's not it, you have to slow it down by 50%.
It's good how he immediately goes into the box grab, but then you have a long pause around 78 where he doesn't do anything. Not that he has to move around all the time, but it's like he freezes for a moment.
The box pull towards him ends too quickly and it's also too fast. You mentioned that the box wasn't that heavy, so initially I thought the speed is almost ok, but later, when he lifts the box, it looks really heavy. So I would go with a slower pull towards him (and go for a heavy box).
After the lift the animation gets a bit too slow and floaty, after around x208.
You also need to really sell how he's holding the box up with his right leg (if that's what's going on). Right now it looks more like he's holding the box with one hand and it floats up around x235 and later.
The door closing could also be slowed down a tiny bit at the beginning. So it takes some strength to get it going and then it can fall down.

But overall much better, you got rid of that slow motion, lost in space type of feel. :)

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