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Monday, March 12, 2007

Walkcycle Presentation

Please take a look at Jungmin's walkcycle. It's a good example of a nice presentation, showing the front, side and perspective view all in one (except that the grid shouldn't be visible).

He has also modified the look of Norman, which some of you are doing, but not all of you. Even though I believe that I should give you as much flexibility as allowed, so that you get the most out of this class, I will start to enforce the rule that no clip should include a generic looking rig or walk cycle. For those who have already started a walk cycle or an animation exercise, keep going. If there is room for change and it won't set you back dramatically, then re-examine your character, who he/she/it is and how he/she/it looks like. Let's look at it tonight and see what we can do.

Anybody else who is starting now with a new clip, is required to modify the rig. It doesn't have to be huge, with dynamic hair and props and whatnot (but if you want to, take it as far as you can), but at least avoid the generic looking model. Make it a guy, or a woman, or a kid, or whatever. Think about who the character is. I know I'm repeating myself, but you need to have your character come alive, you need to know who that person is and why he/she/it is doing what he/she/it is doing.

There are too many generic animation examples out there, you need to stick out, in a good way of course. :-)

It's not just about clean animation, but the personality that you give to the character.

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