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Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Animation Critique: Solo

Direct Link: Solo

Nice look! Don't forget the orange stripes on the side of the pants. :-)

Did you change the animation of the legs? For some reason it feels very rigid now. I would animate the knee cons. On the first lunge and second one, once he's in the pose, add a little knee wobble (on the leg that's forward, because it takes all the weight). I would add some ankle pushing during the lunges (especially on the back leg which pushes forward).
On the first lunge forward, it would be cool to see finger compression on the lower hand that supports the gun.
On the first gun pull back (antic) before the lunge, and that's anal, not that you would see it, but hey, track the tip of the gun. As you pull back, the gun goes back in a straight line, maybe drog the tip a bit so that the arc starts from the beginning.

On the settle after the first lunge, the settle is in one axis only, look at the tip and add left/right wiggle (tiny, just like the knee wiggle), adding to the up/down - back/forth that you have.
On the second lunge, the frame that has him close his eyes with his gun pointed upwards, I would tilt the gun counterclock wise towards the left screen corner, continuing the arc that you form with his body. You might have to lower the gun one frame before so it doesn't look like it's sticking.

Speaking of body curve, on that same frame with the closed eyes, try to take his right leg knee con, and move it screen left, so that his kneecap is goes to the right, which would show the bend in his leg (instead of knee cap straight on), which would continue the C curve by his body. Maybe even take his right arm elbow con and move it toward his face (that one is tricky, might cover up too much of his face - I'm just trying to give the whole body a C curve). It might screw up some frames after (especially the leg knee con change) but give it a try.

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