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Thursday, August 30, 2007

3 Bouncing Balls

Alright, the semester hasn't begun yet and we are already starting critiques!! Way to go!

Overall it looks great. Nitpicky as I am, there are few things that stood out.

Trap Door Ball:
- once it hits the floor it keeps rolling til around 238 or so (I'm at work, I can't step frame through it...). I would stop the roll a lot sooner, because the ball feels really heavy, there is almost no bouncing after the impact, so unless the floor is uneven (which it doesn't look like it) it should stop rolling pretty soon, just like a bowling ball.

Bouncy Ball:
- all good til frame 57 or so, it seems to slow down a lot, as if it starts rolling onto sand. Check your curves and adjust the translation so that the speed change isn't as abrupt.

Balloon Ball:
- that's a personal preference and what you have is not wrong, but I expected the ball to hit the little one at frame 231 instead of going past it. Again, nothing wrong with it, would add a nice touch and complexity to the piece. But your mechanics are good, it's not a required change, totally up to you.
- what I WOULD change is the ball's rotation from frame 261 on, it suddenly stops going clockwise and then continues at frame 293, keep it consistent
- when the ball hits the wall at frame 363 it keeps rotating clockwise for a while til the next bounce, I would go into the counterclockwise rotation a bit sooner

All in all, good stuff, you're ready to move on to whatever you want to do. You mentioned an audio clip for a one person dialogue. Sounds good. Bring in at least 5 different audio clips. Check out this post for the guidelines.

Make sure that you don't neglect the human mechanics. I know everybody wants to jump into acting, but ball physics is not the only basic element you should master before delving into dialogue shots.



shiva said...

hey jean,

thanks for the critique... i'll make changes accordingly and show you how it looks.

and regarding the body mechanics, i had done a normal walk, female character walk, a weight assignment, and a Lip Sync. provided below are the links to those videos.
Normal Walk Cycle
Female Character Walk
Weight Lift
Lip Sync

Jean-Denis Haas said...

Cool clips, nice work!

I like how you modified Norman and the render style.

Good stuff!!