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Sunday, September 9, 2007

Critique: Bouncing Ball

Ball bounce

Looking good, with a few kinks that need to get ironed out. :)

1st light ball:

- fix the arc as he first falls down. Once the ball gets passed the edge it drops immediatly (x17). Keep the forward momentum and curve the arc. Take a dry erase marker and plot the path, you'll see that it has a sharp down movement right now. The spacing also feels a bit even until the first impact. After that it looks ok, although I feel like he could bounce further screen right. It's mainly the first fall.

2nd medium ball:

- the speed at which the "balloon" rolls in is pretty slow, yet once off the edge it accelerates. Pull the ball a bit more screen right or make its entrance faster (which is probably easier to do). Overall it feels like a mix between a balloon and a ball. The hits feel too hard for a balloon, but it travels too slow for a ball. Once the ball hits the ground, take x119, then x120 should have the ball much higher (as high as the light ball at this frame, at least). This goes for all the bounces. Check out the "balloon" at this post, that feels right.

3rd heavy ball:

- there's something poppy about the ball being off screen at x181 and then fully in at x182. Nothing major, but still. The main is if you take a dry erase and mark out the spacing of the ball, you'll see that it's very even, there is no acceleration of the ball.
It also falls straight down, but then rolls pretty far screen right, which doesn't look very heavy. The bounces are too high, if you are going for a bowling ball. Especially the first bounce is too high and too slow, the spacing is also uneven on the way up. The fall feels too fast, is if the ball is being sucked down.

Almost there!

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