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Monday, November 26, 2007


Saw it last week-end and it was great, very charming, funny, the songs were great and the 2D animation was fantastic. Screw CG, there is a life to drawings that CG just doesn't get (yet?). One shot had her walk then kinda run towards camera, with her hair and costume flowing and billowing. There was so much volume and weight to it, ahhhh, fantastic. A nightmare to do in CG and most cloth and hair is simulated to look and move realistically, there is no rhythm and flow... sigh... Anyway, good to see 2D again and the movie was great.

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Chintan Shah said...

Hello Sir,

I m really glad that a 2d feature has released after a long long time, and its quite refreshing as well. Sir what do you think is the future of 2d animation (not just as a career but also as a medium), as for quite some years Cg films have captivated the audiences across the globe.

P.S Thank you very much for your comment on our blog- AnimationMonsters, my buddies are gonna freak out when they see your comments on the blog.

Thanks & Regards,
Chintan Shah.

Tata said...

Hey JD,
What is the name of this movie or animation? I want to watch it too ; )

Jean-Denis Haas said...


I have no idea about the future of 2D. :)

What I hope though is that we will see another golden age. I just love hand drawn animation and hopefully Disney will bring it back in the U.S.


uhm, the movie is called... Enchanted?


Chintan Shah said...

hi, thanks for the quick reply :D... yes it would be great if something like that happens again.

besides.... i was just wondering.. how did you out about our blog??


Jean-Denis Haas said...

I checked my site stats and saw the links to my site, that's how I found out.