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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Colin's Bear on Cartoon Brew

Any excuse to post this clip is fine (even though no excuse is needed, it should be mandatory viewing every 5 mins), but it actually made it onto Cartoon Brew. :)

UPDATE! See below

Ahhh, more details emerge, this is from Colin's portfolio site:

I think that becoming a game director would be my ideal career. You know, the guy who helps decide things like, “this is how the game should play, look, sound,” and so on. I’m not very capable with a pencil, I hate programming, I don’t have the drive to practice 3D or animation, I’m not a fan of math, business bores me to death, and I think that video games are generally very poor, but yet I will maintain that I’m in the right place. Music is definitely my biggest passion and what I spend the most time on. I’m always looking for opportunities to contribute to in this respect.

Fantastic! And you can tell he's good at music and editing, because in that regard it's pure genius. Below is one of the video responses to the original post.

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