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Monday, December 17, 2007


Sophisticated artist portfolios.

Combined with highly personalized member galleries, unlimited album and image uploads, specialized portfolio management, professional gallery presentation, and peer to peer tools more powerful than you’ve ever seen before, Pixila easily blows the competition away.

Created by artists for artists.

Developed from the ground up to suit any artist in any industry, Pixila is the portfolio site you’ve been waiting for. Digital, traditional, visual and fine artists will find the gallery features just as intuitive as designers, painters, photographers, illustrators, architects and sculptors alike.

Create Your Portfolio Now.

Becoming a member of Pixila is easy! Within minutes, you can have access to your own personalized artist portfolio loaded with advanced features as well as instant networking with thousands of other Pixila artists throughout the world. All 100% free!

Read on @ www.pixila.com - found @ 3dtotal.com


Brett D said...

so what do you think of this site JD? ... cause I'm having a hard time getting my website guy to get my site up ... getting kind of aggravating.

Jean-Denis Haas said...

I'd give it a shot, why not? But to be honest, to start, all you need is just a simple site. Just have a black background with an image of your clip and white text describing what the clip is (credits listed if needed, for instance when using sound) and when you click on the image, the movie plays.
Or white background with black text. :)

At least all your clips will be up with a direct link to them. Worry about a nice site design later.