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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Subtle acting

I can imagine that most people by now who frequent the web have seen or at least heard of this movie. What cracked me up is that Michal actually pointed this clip out for acting references and it's true. To me his whole thing feels very acted and not natural but pay attention to the fingers, the hands, the dramatic pauses (03:20) and stares. Sometimes during the stares nothing is moving except the jaw, it's like an anticipation to the next gestures and movements.
If you have a guy sitting and talking, don't forget to animate the hand and arms even when they are off screen. I know it may sound like a waste of time but it adds a nice touch when you feel that there is movement, you can barely see that he's moving his hands in a gesture, but it's there. Obviously don't do polished fingers but just arms/hands.
Just turn the sound off if it gets annoying (to me it's especially the music).

And then the caricature of it (thanks jeff!):

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jeff said...


don't forget the jerry o'connell spoof on this. less subtle, but a good caricature. I always find it interesting to watch people like Will Ferrell do caricature, as it's interesting to see exactly what mannerisms he picks up.