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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Clear Silhouette - don't confuse your audience

I found this clip through this post at Cartoon Brew and if you dare to watch it, pay attention to the two characters at around the 1min mark. Yes, there are a lot of wrong things happening in this clip but I just couldn't stop laughing when I saw this:

Make sure that if you have multiple characters or one character in front of a set that the silhouette of the character is clear and not confusing. Don't have a tail wiggling on top of another character's head. :)
Often mentioned and always good is the option of hitting "7" on your keyboard in Maya so that your cg objects turn black (due to the lack of any light sources). It's a quick way to check if the silhouette of your character reads well. If you come across a section where hands for instance have to be in front of the body and you're worried about them not reading well, then play around with color silhouette. By that I mean for instance white hands in front of a black chest. Even though the hand is in front of the body it still reads well because of the color contrast. - pic source

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