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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Critique - Walkcycle

About having both views in one movie:

You would have to import both movies into after effects and put them side to side. At least that's how I do it. Or you import your animation into the same animation and then you have two identical guys in there. Move one aside and rotate it 90 degrees. But I think the AE method would be faster.

If anybody has another methods, let us know in the comments.

I assume that the arms haven't been animated yet, so let's look at the rest.

First of all, that character freaks me out! :)
Those eyes in the front view, holy moly!!

Anyway. Let's start with the body. The up and down seems good but I would delay the hips. (frontview) From x0 to 3 the hips are already going up on the right side. His full weight would be on the foot starting at x3 and as he pushes himself up the weight shift would happen. So have the hips level out at x3 and then go up into what you have at around x7. Same goes for the other side.
In the sideview it look like your hips are rotating back (let's take x0 to 3) a lot, whereas from frame 10 to 14 or so, as the foot travels backwards a lot, the hips don't really rotate anymore. Make sure that the hips are not disconnected from the leg action.

Your feet need adjustment in terms of timing. The moment the foot steps onto the ground it has to travel backwards (sideview) at the same rate. So the curve of your foot has to be linear from touchdown to liftoff.

Look at your foot from x3 to x4. Little movement back. Then x4 to 5. Big movement back. Then x12 to 13 it's smaller again. At that point it's actually slowing down to a stop from x14 to 15. From 15 to 16 it's moving forward! Then from 16 to 17 you have a giant change with the foot being on the ground with curled toes to completely off the ground. Use those extra frames when it slows down and stops to add more inbetweens so that the foot has a nice lift off the ground. There's good reference for that at this site:

(thanks Chintan!)

Another quick shape change happens from x17 to 18 as well as from x23 to 0 where the toes are curled down and then fully up. You will have to make this transition a bit smoother by adding at least one more frame between the pose changes, because right now it makes the feet look very floppy (and the shoes look actually pretty hard and sturdy).
Don't overstretch your leg during the passing poses at x8 for instance (you can see that the heel is off the ground).

Looking at the head (sideview) it feels like the timing of the overlap needs to get adjusted. Have the head be down around x5 already (the impact of the foot planting and the body stopping to go down will influence the head down movement). At x13 the head would be a bit up because it's dragging. 16 or 17 it would be down again because of the impact of the step, etc. etc.
Frontview: the head does a quick screen right movement from x9 to x12. It looks like the body rotation is taking the head with it, so adjust the overlap there.

That's about it. Go ahead with those notes.


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