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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Acting reference

I'm trying to watch at least one movie a week and from now on I want to find cool moments in a movie in terms of acting or any other type of reference that would be helpful or inspiring to you guys.
So no matter what style or quality of a movie, something usefull has to be in it. This is easy to say and I'm already struggling with it... For instance "The Kingdom" had a great overall performance by Ashraf Barhom who plays Colonel Faris Al Ghazithe, but not a single moment that you could easily pick apart (at least I had an easier time with "The Illusionist" for instance). He was just good in general, just like Anthony Hopkins is always a joy to watch.

Be warned that I will mention plot points when needed in order to give you some sort of context, so spoilers are inevitable.

What I have almost ready are the following movies (some movies might get listed due to other notable filmmaking qualities besides acting):

The Illusionist
Star Trek Nemesis
Flyboys (plane animation)
Die Hard (acting & staging)
The Quiet (cartoony acting)
We Own the Night
Lost - Season 1, Ep. 1 & 4
The Price is right (TV)
Life - "Did you feel that?"
Miracle at St. Anna
True Blood "First Taste"
The Master

More to come.

Shawn Kelly got a cool webinar about how to use video reference.


Brett Davis Animation said...

Ever since you showed us this in our last semester ... for those of us that were in your last semester's class that is. I can't watch a movie without analyzing the acting. That's not a complaint though. Netflix has been wonderful, especially for stuff that you can't readily get at local video store. Of course when I got 100+ flicks into my que, my wife told me to slow down. I told her, they only send like 3 at a time, it's not like they're gonna just back the truck up to the door one day.

Jean-Denis Haas said...


It's crazy how quickly your queue grows... I switched to 4 movies at once because there's always one or two DVDs that sit at home forever because it takes time to go through it with my wife and then there are movies that I go through quickly because I know she won't watch it (like "28 Weeks Later", which was pretty good, much better than the first one).