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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Critique - Walkcycle

Question I got:

I want to know how I have to put my key frames to delay action. is that with just my feeling? when I couldn't put a few frames to built my action to make smooth, I usually put my keys on everyframe. is that right?

First, about the delay.

The funny thing is, it's not just about how you set the keys, it's about how you pose it in order to have overlap and delay. You have to understand how overlap works, it's not about the keys. If you don't know how overlap and delay works, then you can't set a key correctly.

And yes, sometimes you end up having keys on every frame to get what you need. Some people get to it through tweaking the curves in the graph editor, others through keying every frame.

The walk, let's look at the sideview:

- the foot doesn't really move backwards from x0 to x1, but from x1 to x2 there's a huge move, from x2 to x3 a less big movement (it all has to be the same, it has to be linear).
How the foot rolls off the ground still has the weird pivot feel. By that I mean, look at x12 to x16. Step through it and you'll see that the toes are kinda stuck in the same spot.
The forward movement of the feet can not be all over the place in terms of spacing. Look at x20 to x21, which has a small movement forward, then x21 to x22 which has a much bigger move, so make sure you don't have sudden pops like that.

Hope that helps!

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