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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Critique - Walkcycle

- feet: (sideview) as the foot goes back and lifts up, make sure it does not go through the ground (have a ground plane so you see what happens); (frontview) look at x21 how the screen left foot is up in the air, but the leg is rotated out, so have the foot not be parallel to the floor, rotate it as well (that goes for the other foot as well)

- hips: (frontview) delay how the hips go up once the foot planted. Looks like the left side starts going up at x27, have it start at x1, same with the other site which has the right side go up at x12 or 13, which should be x17

- delay your root down movement by 3 frames or so

- looks like your chest is rotating in Y before the arms, I would delay it by a few frames compared to how you have it now

- I like the head bobble though, makes it loose and playfull

- I think the arm forward swing is a bit fast

- pose out the hand/fingers in a more appealing way (do a search on our site for "Angus Hand pose", there's some good stuff


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