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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Very useful links

Like I always say, sponge up all the information you can get. Please check out the links on the right side of the posts on this site, go through the resources and links.

One of them is Jeff Cooperman's blog. I always check it out because the info on it is great and there a lot of visual tips and critiques. Today I saw a post about TJ Phan's blog and his Spiderwick Goblins animation. That cracked me up because TJ emailed me last week and I wanted to link to his "A few good Mel's" post. Now he's up on Jeff's site. It truly is a small industry. :)
I highly recommend his site because just like this one it's updated on a daily basis, so make it a daily visit. I can't stress this enough, sponge up all the information you can. You need to find your own way of working, my method and workflow is only one of many. Figure out the best and most efficient way and most importantly, have fun with it. Maybe that's just me but I love reading up on techniques, watching other people's work, etc. it really motivates me to push myself and to get off my lazy butt.

Anyhoo, please check out:

Guest critique by Travis Howe on Jeff's site

MEL script goodies:
maya tools for y'all on Jeff's site and
a few good mel's on TJ's site

TJ's Spiderwick Animation. Like he says, "They're basically bouncing balls with teeth." Which tells you that there is a reason why everybody starts with a bouncing ball. It is the basic starting point that teaches you all the principles (animate different balls with character and tails and you got it all in there).

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