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Monday, December 10, 2007

Critique - Working

Hey, nice set!

A few things need to change and get added. First, you need at least a visual cue that his walkie-talkie is beeping. But I suggest you find a beeping sound and some generic jungle background noise (check the school resource folder, there are tons of audio files in there).

The other thing is the bug. You need to either find a simpler rig, or make it much clearer what it is. It looks like crumbled paper or some trash right now :)
Then the first jump away is too fast. Make it clearer what it is. Maybe have the wings flap or move it around a bit as he crawls forward so we know exactly what it is. As the thing jumps away we finally get that this is a bug, but then it's already gone. So that beginning needs to be much clearer.

You might also work on the silhouette towards the end. You got his hand/walkie-talkie in front of his face and then right there the cup, so it's getting a bit crowded.

Nice start, keep going!

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Joey said...

Yes! Nice set!!!