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Monday, March 17, 2008

Stumbled onto tons of links

Every now and then I check the stats of this site and this time followed a link to someone called "Arien". He had a list of useful links on "Stumble!" and here they are:

Tutorials and Technical Information for 3D Modeling, Animation Setup, and Rendering

Tons of stuff about the trax editor, FK-IK Spine setup, Blendshapes, Footrolls, Gimble Lock, then links about Cloth, Rendereing, Texturing, etc.

Another was for abhimation.blogspot and the post "Dialogue Clips to Animate" has a good list of audio clips.

This next one is awesome. I thought I posted about it a while ago, but it's worth a repost. It's the Art Tutorial page of itchstudios.

Then there is this silhouette image from uxmatters by Kevin Cheng.

The next one cracked me because I'm so rarely sketching things out (because I SUCK big time), and then I see these elaborate renders for a bouncing ball assignment (courtesy of Kid-Mesh @ CGsociety)

Then you got this massive Maya Video Tutorial site. You have among others:
- Illustrator to Maya
- Blendshape controls
- Maya 3D Piston
- Mental Ray
- Suspension Rig
- Modeling Tutorials

etc. etc.

Another thing was an animation blinklist (?). Worth a look, you never know.

Next one is a classic site. I remember checking it out while I was a student. It's about walk cycles courtesy of Thinking Animation. Head over there for a cool example list of different walk attitudes.

Next one is another Maya tutorial list on 3d-tutorial.com. You got stuff like Animation Layers, Rigging examples, etc.

Next one is the "Things They Don't Teach in Art School #5" post @ Temple of the Seven Golden Camels
You should visit that site no matter what.

Next up is "Animation Critique". I haven't registered yet, but could be good. If you're unsure about your clip, the more eyes the better.

Then you have animationresourcecentre, which has tons of links to animation shorts. One of them being "Zoudov". Even though I wish the animation was more polished, I love the feel of it (the John Barry music helps a lot, classic).

Lastly, talino.org has a nice little tutorial section for Maya.


RD Sarna said...

That was a great dose of links...and all were amazing....
Thanx a lot Jean

Jean-Denis Haas said...

Sure thing, but thank Arien for it. :)

Chintan Shah said...

thanks to you and arien for the amazing links... just too good...

Chints :)

Ian said...

From one Animation EDU blog to another. Thanks for linking to us :)

Jean-Denis Haas said...

No problem, thanks for sharing!

Chetan Trivedi said...

hey wow awesome.... u stumbled on to my profile.. lalalalala..
super exciting..
thankss.. hmm didnt know all this stuff was so useful..
thanks a lot.. hmm leemmee see my favz now..hehe..

Jean-Denis Haas said...

Hey Chetan,

snooping around the web, what can I say. :)