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Monday, November 12, 2007

Critique - Run

Looks great, nice weight to it.

His left leg is great, except frame 2 to 3, the foot doesn't move, just make the other leg the same now. His right leg got a speed up from x10 to x12, which makes it poppy and too speedy. Check the spacing (look at the toe) from x21 to x26, looks like the foot slows down. The left leg seems better in that regard, but there is something funky from x10 to x12, maybe even at x9 already. Make sure the
foot is not sliding, keep it even.

Look at x3 and x18, how the wrists are facing down, have them rotated up more, so that they drag a bit as the arms go down.

One last thing. His first belly ring. Is there a way to move that up and down on the side? I see that your hips are moving, but when you look at the front view especially, the hip does not affect the belly at all, which makes it look like the hips are not moving.

Oh, another "last thing". The guy needs some sweat stains on his shirt and sweat on his head. :)

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