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Monday, November 12, 2007

I hate PCs...

If there is something I hate more than the 43 Muni line, it has to be PCs. Nothing ever works the way it is supposed to. The next computer I'm getting is going to be a Mac.

Guess what happened? I was sending an email to work (with an attachment, not too big, maybe 6MB), and downloading a .rar file via FTP. Nothing huge, nothing special, done it before. But this morning I got a little treat. The machine froze up. I know, what a surprise. The twist? After it boots up and you get the "windows xp" logo with the blue progress bar it goes to black, my monitor goes into power savings mode, and nothing else happens. It's dead.

That happened to me before. A full reformat/reinstall fixed it, but what a pain. 2nd time, RAM was the culprit.

Obviously I can't access vital data right now, but most importantly for this class, all my prep work for the work-flow tutorial is on there. I have doubts that it will be ready on Thursday. I'm sorry guys, patience is required...

If anybody has any ideas as to what the problem is, I'd appreciate any pointers.

Live long and prosper.

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shiva said...

if your PC is relatively new (2 years old), you can just remove the bad RAM stick and make it work even though it's a dual RAM. it'll work with just one stick (the motherboard switches back from dual mode to single stick mode)

Jean-Denis Haas said...

I might have only one left :)

Thanks though!

Anonymous said...

I dont know what you can do about the computer as a whole. But you should be able to take out the hard disk and grab the files off it. I used to have a similar problem when the computer would irratically fail. I came to the conclusion that the components werent compatible. What make is the computer?

Jean-Denis Haas said...

No name, built together. Yeah, grabbing the HD out is the final thing to do, I'd prefer to save that thing, can't afford a new one.

I had it working again yesterday, but then the same problem happened. So right now I'm making backups of my stuff. :)