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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Squash and Stretch

I know that you guys are into character pieces and not bouncing balls anymore, but squash and stretch can be applied to many other situations besides cartoony balls, such as walks, faces (here and here) and in this case a jump. Plus I just wanted to post those images because they're awesome.

Another thing worth pointing out for those who will or want to do a jump. Don't forget to fully extend the legs (or whatever the character uses... arms?) during the lift off and to extend the limbs before the touchdown as well (unless there is a specific reason for NOT doing it).


Stretch and full leg extension

Another leg extension before the touchdown

And squash again

Images found via Haha.nu @ ejphoto


Cameron Fielding said...

beautiful images Jean... something that always amazes me is how when you scrub through live action, of anything natural (basically humans or animals ) is that EVERY frame is beautifully posed, and emotes exactly the required attitudes or expression.. and I mean EVERY frame, even the bizzare ones that would count as a simple inbetween or just a technical transition from one thing to another... I suppose it makes perfect sense, but how many animators can say that about their animation? damn Mother Nature! she's such a good animator! ;)

Jean-Denis Haas said...


I don't know that many people (me included) who tweak EVERY frame in their animation as opposed to letting the computer do it. Time unfortunately is always there to do it, but it's awesome when you get that rare chance and really work on the whole character for a great pose for each frame.